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Viable System Model

The Viable System Model (VSM) is based on management cybernetics theory developed by Stafford Beer. The model identifies essential functions within an organization, each responsible for specific tasks such as operations, coordination, and strategic planning, aiming to achieve viability and adaptability in complex environments.

The VSM provides a model for understanding the structure and functions of viable organizations. 

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Daan „90%… got a few wrong there but still pleased.“

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Elias "Thank you very much for the test. A good challenge to (re)think about the VSM and a comprehensive start into the VSM world. Highly recommended to all!"

Markus „The VSM Guide is a handy and practical tool, similar in structure to the Scrum Guide but with much more content.“

Martin „😀 Now … this was fun! 🥇“

Jan „ For those familiar with the Viable System Model (VSM), here’s a playful opportunity to test your knowledge.“